Oregon chain restaurants are not immune to economic ills

Despite a great location along two highways, this Beaverton Burger King was suddenly closed in the past few weeks.  Next to it was an Azteca Restaurant which represents the largest Mexican chain in the Pacific Northwest.  The Azteca was sold and converted into a private family establishment.    Several blocks West lies an abandoned Chili’s which was one of four Chili’s that closed in the Portland area putting over 250 employees out of work.  Next to that Chili’s is an abandoned Hooters which closed this year as well.

Regardless of chain size, many Oregon restaurants are vulnerable to economic realities in Oregon.  Nationwide, sit-down restaurants saw a 1.8% decline for the first eight months of the year According to Knapp-Track.   The closing of restaurants has been a plus for many grocery stores.  A Portland Trader Joe’s manager saw store sales increase this season as families chose to eat out less.   Shoppers are voting with their feet.

Note: Non-chain restaurants also saw some doors close this year as well such as; Mark Lindsay’s Rock N Roll Cafe, D.F. and Taqueria Nueve.

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