Oregonians Looking for Balanced Energy Policy Heading Into November Election

FreedomWorks Oregon Releases Poll Taken for Launch of the Campaign for Affordable and Reliable Energy

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FreedomWorks Oregon launched a major media and grassroots campaign today in Portland promoting the development of clean, affordable, and reliable sources of energy. The Campaign for Affordable and Reliable Energy (CARE) will promote sensible energy policy solutions to meet current and future demand and will also expose how anti-energy radicals are opposed not just to energy development, but to our modern way of life.

FreedomWorks commissioned Moore Information to conduct a new poll to learn how energy issues are shaping voters opinions on important energy policy issues. The poll was taken from July 26-29 and questioned 500 voters from across the state with 46 percent of respondents describing themselves as Democrats and 35 percent self-described as Republicans.

Highlights of the poll include:

– 90% believe it is important for America to be energy independent.
– 59% favor changing laws to allow America’s oil and gas reserves to be accessed for American consumers.
– 66% favor construction of large wave energy farms in marine reserves off the Oregon coast.
– 62% favor building large wind energy farms in scenic or wildlife sensitive areas in Oregon.
– 60% favor building a natural gas pipeline across Oregon, to supply Oregon and the Western United States with natural gas.
– 73% believe environmental groups can be unfair and unreasonable in their efforts to stop energy development.
– 70% are unwilling to permanently pay $6 or more per gallon for gasoline to protect the environment.
To learn more about the poll taken of Oregon voters focusing on energy issues please visit the campaign website www.LightsOnOregon.com.

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