House Democrats offer business agenda

Yesterday the Oregon House Democrats laid out their 2009 Roadmap for the future. The Roadmap includes increasing the corporate minimum tax to help reduce the tax burden on workers and small businesses.  Below is the section on job creation
(full text here):

House Democrats will work to create more family wage jobs in Oregon.
In 2007/08 – House Democrats invested in innovations to generate good paying jobs for more Oregonians. We made Oregon a national leader in renewable energy. We aided rural communities and agriculture by addressing future water and land use needs.

In 2009 – House Democrats will expand opportunities for working Oregonians through targeted
investments, giving workers the skills they need to succeed in a globally competitive job market, and helping Oregonians weather the downturn in the national economy.

a Create more good paying jobs for Oregonians by investing in worker training programs in skilled trades and growing industries.

a Expand our targeted investments aimed at attracting jobs in Oregon’s renewable energy and
innovative technology sectors.

a Reduce congestion on Oregon’s roads to improve air quality, shorten commute times so parents have more time with their families, provide better emergency service and safely move goods by modernizing our out-of-date transportation system.

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