Success in the fight against junk email

By Eye on Business, Portland

A New York man was sentenced to more than two years in prison for sending out over 1.2 million spam emails.  Adam Vitale was also fined $180,000.  This judgment is a relief for business in more ways than the obvious reduction of junk emails.  Advanced blocking programs have successfully reduced junk emails but have created a new problem of legitimate emails being labeled as spam when they are not.  This creates an entirely new problem.  It has been stated that dealing with spam and misplaced emails contributes to millions of worker hours lost every year.  I was humored when Bill gates said last year that he is just like the rest of us in that he spends hours every year getting rid of junk emails.
Furthermore, criminal spammers are rarely modest in their ventures.  Once they know how to beat the system (as Vitale outsmarted the AOL filters) they take advantage of it in many ways.   Vitale also has been investigated for running a prostitution ring through the popular website.   Other spammers
shop their filter busting technique to their clients and end up blasting millions of junk emails each.  Prosecuting spammers helps bring down a collection of illegal activity.

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