POll: 65% want Portland-Vancouver bridge improvement

From Riley Research — A large majority of area residents (65 percent) think the Interstate 5 Bridge between Portland and Vancouver is inneed of improvement, with 35 percent saying that improvements are needed “urgently,” and another 30 percent saying “somewhat urgently.”

Nearly three-quarters of residents (71 percent) think the Interstate Bridge project needs to include a light rail line, with half (50 percent) “Agreeing strongly” and one-fifth (21 percent) “Agreeing somewhat.”
Just over half (55 percent) oppose the idea of a toll bridge to reduce congestion and help pay for future
improvements, while nearly two-fifths (38 percent) favor the idea.

A majority of residents (62 percent) say they are likely to pay to visit the USS Ranger if it were brought to Portland,with two in five (41 percent) being very likely to visit, and roughly one in three (29 percent) being somewhat likely.

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