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Lawmakers roll out 14 new business taxes

December 26, 2018

By Oregon Small Business Association,

The Oregon Legislature just released a batch of over 50 tax related bills it will consider in the 2019 session. Here are some of the Oregon tax proposals that will hit business the hardest.

1. Business property taxes: HJR 3, HJR 4, and HB 2167 tax business property at real market value (RMV). This would raise property taxes on businesses by 50-60 percent. This would be a small business killer, especially for retailers, restaurants, and taverns.

2. More business property taxes: HB 2157 and HB 2167 eliminates the discount for on-time payment of property taxes on businesses. Effectively a 3 percent increase in property taxes.

3. Massive business filing fee increase: HB 2146 raises the minimum tax on S-corps from $150 to $1,000.

4. Business income tax increase: HB 2155 and SB 211 makes it harder to qualify for a reduced personal income tax rate that is allowed for certain pass-through income.

5. C-corps tax increase: HB 2163 changes the top minimum tax on C-corps from $100,000 to 0.1 percent of Oregon sales. HB 2145 and HB 2156 also raise the corporate tax rates.

6. Lodging tax enforcement: HB 2166 authorizes local governments “to subpoena and examine witnesses, administer oaths and order production of books or papers to prosecute inquiries related to local transient lodging tax.”

7. Vaping tax: Someone hates vaping. HB 2159 impose a tax on all vaping products at 95 percent of the wholesale price. HB 2123 has a slightly lower rate on devices.

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Marv December 27, 2018

Oregon state government is out of control.
The Democrats super majority maybe their unraveling.
We need to support our Republican members and change the tide in 2020!

Susan Ossana December 27, 2018

This is destruction at its finest for all business owners. Everyone should be concerned with these Marxist communist taxes. We have got to make changes in the governors office and the representatives for our beloved state of Oregon. This is what happened in California and is now happening here in Oregon. It isn’t working out so well is it California?

Subman December 27, 2018

Why do the Democratic legislature members think that taxing business will be percieved by the electorate as a sound way of generating revenue without appearing to be taxing all of us? The business is in business to make a profit that keeps our economy going. If a business is able to survive these additional tax penalties, they will just pass those costs on to you and I, the residents of this beautiful state, substantially adding to inflationary costs of living here.

When will the lawmakers, i.e. Democratic supermajority, learn to live within the means that they now have. Tax revenues are already up . We need smaller government, less bureaucracy, reduced regulation; therefore recouping some of the freedom that we lose everytime we authorize more people looking over our shoulder.

Adding more taxes to “business” is a deception. Those taxes, if enacted will either kill small business, or they will be passed on us as customers as added costs.

Russell December 27, 2018

Liberals voted these idiots in, ENJOY YOUR TAXES PDX and EUGENE

Conrad December 27, 2018

Keep taxing those business Oregon, and to the people of Oregon keep voting in the Dems. You deserve what you get.
Californians are deserting Ca. To Nevada and Az, they already poisoned your state .
The California’s move because of the desaturous mess California is in, move to a neighboring state and keep voting the same way.
When will they ever learn. Total idiots .

Irv December 28, 2018

I just formed an OR LLC but with these new taxes, my firm is more than likely doomed before we get started. OR politicians need to start spending taxes on what they are meant to be spent on and not all this pocket money, Cadillac retirement for state employees and special interest!!

Eric December 28, 2018

Oregon is a, mostly, Liberal state. Liberals often complain about large corporations. This will strengthen those large corporations by forcing small businesses to shut down. This is why smart people despise Liberals. They can’t even follow their own beliefs. Look at Steve Jobs, the poster boy of Capitalism yet beloved by the left. Insanity…

Jonathan December 30, 2018

Oregon small business killing taxes, when will the excessive taxing end, when they force us out of this state they will then tax the people more and more. Insatiable appetite for tax money.

Carroll January 1, 2019

Well the article states 14 new tax laws- There are only 7 on this page. Wonder why all 14 are not there?

Ben January 1, 2019

Why don’t we as citizens demand that our city, county, and state governments have more accountability for spending. Why must they always spend more than they take in? Why do they have to come up with more taxes? Why don’t we demand that they lower all expenditures? Spend more wisely? Save money for the taxpayers instead of spending and taxing. Why not have a vote to cut all spending by 20% from last year on all governments, city, county, and State? There are lots of ways to save money, which would stop new taxes. Every tax they dream up has the opposite effect on revenue. Businesses go out of business because of our greedy politicians, which reduces taxes. We must demand that they lower taxes and not generate any new ones.

Bob January 2, 2019

Just started a LLC with the hope of helping with a few new jobs in Harney county. New taxes just made us decide to move the business out of state.

Brenda Chilson January 5, 2019

Brown backtracked and relented for sole proprietors to get benefits from Federal Tax reductions, but neglected to do so for small S corps, which we are…a 2 person family business with no employees. Now, add to that insult, charge us $1000 annually to stay in business…on top of other outrageuous taxs and fees and increases of them!

Ken January 5, 2019

You thought it was hard to find a job in Oregon before, wait till these pass and businesses move from this state or go out of business. Thank you Democrats. You did this.

Leroy January 6, 2019

Recall the pro tax politicians!

Linda January 6, 2019

It never occurs to them to stop paying for ineffective programs, serviceless service, increased checker checkers (to regulate more…also a BIG cost for business). Unless we have a change of the guard in 2020…we have truly been “Californiated” as those big cushy government pensions are not funded and they gotta come for YOU and I in one form or another. Sad

Mike G January 7, 2019

Where can I find all 14 bills, not just the 7? Thank you.

The Sanders January 8, 2019

That is why we moved to Florida

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