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Trump applauds Oregon mileage tax

March 12, 2018

Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

The State recently gained an ally in President Trump, who cited Oregon’s per mile charge as an innovative way to achieve revenues needed to realize his plans for updating and improving the country’s infrastructure. Trump’s plan seeks to mix federal funding with State and local contributions as well as investments from the private sector.

In recent years, Oregon has been among the leading States with regard to updating how revenue for transportation projects is raised. In the recently-enacted transportation packaged passed by Oregon’s Legislature, Oregon became the first State to tax bicycles for funds to be used in the creation of bike lanes. The State has also sought funding from owners of electric vehicles, which don’t pay fuel taxes since they don’t use gasoline, or use it in dramatically lower amounts if they are hybrids.

Oregon has also been experimenting with perhaps the ultimate “user fee” for vehicles – a mileage tax. Currently in the “pilot program” stage, the plan charges drivers based on the total number of miles they drive on the state’s public roadways. The charge is 1.7 cents per mile ($170 for each 10,000 miles driven), and also rebates drivers for fuel taxes paid (note: driving 10,000 miles in a car getting 25 miles per gallon would result in $136 in fuel taxes at the higher rate the State will adopt in 2018). Charging by the mile results in about a 25 percent increase in payments from drivers.


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Trump applauds Oregon mileage tax | eClips March 12, 2018

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Mark Green March 15, 2018

I do have a problem wit this my company is moving about 20 miles farther away from my home who is going to make up the difference? This will do nothing but cause hard ship on people who already are having a hard time not that government cares about the people!

Spam March 16, 2018

Oregon already taxes us for breathing. They might as well change the name to California JR

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