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$4 gas in Oregon expected from Carbon Tax

January 8, 2018

By Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon,

Oregonians could soon be paying $4 or more for a gallon of gas if  lawmakers pass cap-and-trade in the next year.

Just before Christmas, Oregon lawmakers unveiled an outline of their plan to impose a cap-and-trade program on the state. Sponsors of the program hope to turn their proposal into law during the 35 day legislative session beginning in early 2018.

At one time the proposal was estimated to generate $1.4 billion every two years from the sale of emissions permits. That amounts to about $450 a year for an Oregon household. Much of that will come from higher fuel and utility prices paid by Oregon homes and businesses.

According the California’s nonpartisan legislative analysts by 2021, cap-and-trade will raise gas prices in the state by at least 15 cents a gallon. Research by FTI Consulting finds Oregon would see similar increases.

GasBuddy reports that Oregon already has the fifth highest gas prices in the U.S. With the New Year, Oregonians will pay an additional four cents in gas tax. In addition, the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, once implemented will cause gas prices to rise even higher.

With cap-and-trade, along with the other policies designed to increase fuel prices, Oregonians could soon be paying $4 or more for a gallon of gas.

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Ben January 8, 2018

I didn’t expect low gas prices to last long anyways…

Seth M. January 8, 2018

Oregon has the 5th highest gas price. Yet the gas tax which goes into effect this year has not been factored in. What a punch to my gut.

Bob Clark January 8, 2018

Yes, low gasoline prices won’t last in places like blue California and Oregon. These states are stealth in their abilities to price poor folks off the roads so the upper class overtime get more of the road to themselves.
Elsewhere, short of certain war scenarios, oil is not likely to see the high price years of the early 2010s; because U.S oil technology is surging domestic oil output and the technology is starting to spread elsewhere on the globe. Then too outside of developing countries gasoline demand is rather flat because of mileage gains per gallon with vehicle fuel efficiency climbing.

Frisby January 8, 2018

Get these nit-wit liberals out of Salem – starting with Katie Brown.

Good grief. Time for Oregon to follow the lead of DC- roll back taxes and put the money back in the pockets of the working class- not in Oregon state governments bloated pension plan.

Ron January 8, 2018

$450 a year impacts the poor much more than anyone else. Those Democrats, always the working class’ best friend, huh?

Chris January 9, 2018

Liberals cry us a river over healthcare costs for the “poorest” of us……then do this to the “poorest” of us! The Californification of Oregon continues at break neck pace!

Plain Old American January 10, 2018

Oregon needs the money to continue to pay the retirement benefits of thousands of people who collect very close to their full salary while being retired. If the state / county governments are going to be able to pay for government employees who are actually working they need to tax all of the income from the residents.

But they can fund free abortions for all.

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