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Governor intends to pass costly CO2 legislation

September 14, 2017

Governor Brown Wants Oregonians to “Take One for the Global Team” over CO2

By John A. Charles, Jr.

Cascade Policy Institute

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has announced her intention to pass legislation in the short session of 2018 to place a regulatory limit on emissions of carbon dioxide by large industrial sources. Once a company exceeds the annual limit, it will have to purchase allowances for additional emissions.

Proponents estimate that the regulations will cost businesses $1.4 billion per biennium. These costs will be passed on to consumers.

Such regulations might be appropriate if there were known environmental or health benefits to reducing carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, such a clear link does not exist. Not only are benefits speculative, but they are global in nature and very long term—possibly centuries in the future.

The costs, however, are very clear. They will be known, immediate, and local. Prices of cement, steel, and millions of consumer products will have to go up.

In essence, the Governor is asking Oregonians to “take one for the global team” in the hope that somebody, somewhere will benefit in the misty future.

This is not likely to be embraced by voters who already feel immense strain from the high cost of housing, health insurance, and public employee pensions.

State legislators have many problems to worry about. Regulating CO2 should not be one of them.

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Ron Wilson September 14, 2017

This entire CO2 garbage is just so pathetic – these arrogant pinheads think that despite real science, they believe they actually can alter the earth’s climate?

They need to go study “orders of magnitude” and then they need to get back to the work we elected them to do instead of wasting our time and our money on this drivel.

william pollard September 14, 2017

What will it take to elect a governor with a modicum of common sense??? where does our nit wit political leader think all that CO 2 is going?? if it stays in Oregon, it could go to sustain all the new trees that will be coming up after the many fires we had. Oh, that’s right, most of the smoke was CO2…and it blew away or was dampered by some rain. Lets tax the forestry caretakers; or blm, for allowing the fires to occur. I bet one good fire as we have had, put more CO2 in the air than the whole steel mill in McMinville in 10 years. Industrial CO2 pollution???Hell we get more from China in the winter than any where. Stop this BS cause Her and her cronies have no concept of how the universe works….and it does not revolve around them.

Mrs. RL White September 20, 2017

C02 is needed for healthy plant growth, whether it’s for food consumption or just for producing oxygen. The idea that this is what Corporations are actually producing, rather than toxic emissions, is pseudo-science; not based on real facts of science.

Those who have turned their fear into a religion, called Climate Change, never do their own research, nor do they question anything that is placed under this catch-all phrase. Geoengineering is causing more damage than C02.

In fact, we are at the lowest levels of C02 in thousands of years and the result is watching trees across the U.S. being sickened, with increases of insect infestations & fungi taking over.

Aaron Douglas September 20, 2017

Following the start of the Industrial Revolution, atmospheric CO2 concentration has increased to over 400 parts per million and continues to increase. The daily average concentration of atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa Observatory first exceeded 400 ppm on 10 May 2013.[15] This has caused the phenomenon of global warming.[16] The global average concentration of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere is currently about 0.04%,[17] or 400 parts per million by volume (ppm).[13][18] There is an annual fluctuation of about 3–9 ppm which is negatively correlated with the Northern Hemisphere’s growing season. The Northern Hemisphere dominates the annual cycle of CO2 concentration because it has much greater land area and plant biomass than the Southern Hemisphere. Concentrations reach a peak in May as the Northern Hemisphere spring greenup begins, and decline to a minimum in October, near the end of the growing season.[19]

Since global warming is attributed to increasing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases such as CO2, scientists closely monitor atmospheric CO2 concentrations and their impact on the present-day biosphere. At the scientific recording station in Mauna Loa, the concentration reached 400 ppm for the first time in May 2013,[15][20] although this concentration had already been reached in the Arctic in June 2012.[21] The National Geographic wrote that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is this high “for the first time in 55 years of measurement—and probably more than 3 million years of Earth history.”[22] The current concentration may be the highest in the last 20 million years.[6]

but let’s not worry about it. Let’s let our children and grandchildren burn in a hothouse of hell and storms, right?

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