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Minimum Wage Bill alternative

February 29, 2016 --

Prosperity-projectBy Oregon Prosperity Project,

Still and Again – Oregon’s Minimum Wage Conversation Isn’t Over Yet

The ink was barely dry on Oregon’s new minimum wage increase last week when a new effort began. Seeking to minimize the impact of a wage hike on their districts, a small bipartisan group of legislators came forward Tuesday with a modified plan to replace SB 1532.

Major provisions of the draft plan are below:

1. Lift Pre-Emption in City of Portland.

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Schrader backs debt reduction bill

February 26, 2016 --

Kurt-schrader. Congressman Kurt Schrader

Congressman Kurt Schrader (OR-05) supported H.R. 3442, the Debt Management and Fiscal Responsibility Act, a bill that requires the Secretary of the Treasury to report to Congress on the Administration’s long-term debt reduction plan any time the country nears reaching the debt limit.

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Only 12 counties saw home values rise (2010-2014)

February 25, 2016 --

By Oregon Employment Department 

Only 12 of Oregon’s 36 counties saw their home values rise between 2010 and 2014; all were rural with the exception of Benton County. Wheeler County’s median home value climbed the most since 2010, rising by $27,700 (21.8%) to $126,800. Wheeler County’s in-state ranking also improved, rising from dead last in 2010 (36th) to 33rd position in 2014.

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The border effect of pot sales

February 24, 2016 --

By Josh Lehner
Oregon Office of Economic Analysis Blog

The border effect, or the border tax effect, is a very real. Our office has previously written about it regarding sin/vice taxes, retail sales in the Gorge, and a broader look at Oregon-Washington taxes, including an academic paper I, along with my co-author Portland State Prof. Wooster, wrote on retail sales in Washington.


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House Votes to Raise Cap on Noneconomic Damages

February 23, 2016 --

House Votes to Raise Cap on Noneconomic Damages

Associated Oregon Industries
Oregon’s largest business advocate

HB 4136, increasing the cap on noneconomic damages in wrongful death cases from $500,000 to $1.5 million, passed the House on Wednesday, February 10. The debate, which was quite contentious, resulted in a 33-27 vote. Three House democrats voted against the bill: Representatives Caddy McKeown (D-Coos Bay), Ann Lininger (D-Lake Oswego), and Jeff Barker (D-Aloha); one republican, John Huffman (R-The Dalles), voted for it.

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Oregon’s New & Unprecedented Minimum Wage System

February 22, 2016 --

Barran Liebman
Oregon Law Firm

Brace Yourselves for Oregon’s New and Unprecedented Minimum Wage System
By Josephine Ko

Beginning July 1, 2016, the State of Oregon will be pioneering a unique and complex multi-tiered minimum wage system with significant annual increases. No other state has a minimum wage system like this today. The Oregon state legislature passed Senate Bill 1532 in a historic vote yesterday after much contentious public and legislative debate. Governor Kate Brown announced her intention to sign the landmark legislation into law. The law will be officially enacted as soon as the governor signs the bill.

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New Joint Employer rule is a lawsuit bomb

February 19, 2016 --

National Retail Federation

The National Retail Federation said joint employer standards issued today by the Labor Department are too broad and that Obama administration attempts to hold more companies responsible for the action of subcontractors or franchisees should be overturned by Congress.

“The Labor Department’s concept of a joint employer is even worse than what we’ve seen from the NLRB,” NRF Senior Vice President David French said. “Lawyers are already saying it’s only going to lead to more litigation. Congress has to stop the spread of this Orwellian big brother approach to government before it can go any further. This type of interference in well-established business practices is just one more roadblock to job creation and economic recovery. Ultimately, it’s American workers and families who will suffer.”

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NW brewer breaks into England

February 18, 2016 --

cscdbrwngOregon Brewers Guild,

Cascade Brewing has announced a partnership with James Clay to distribute its bottled Northwest sour ales throughout the United Kingdom. The agreement brings Cascade ales to the UK for the first time; the first batch of Strawberry, Blackcap Raspberry, Sang Noir and Cranberry starting hitting retailers at the end of January.

Cascade Brewing is known for its award-winning Northwest sour ales that feature a clean profile produced by a house culture of lactobacillus bacteria. The beers frequently rely on the use of fresh ingredients grown exclusively in the Pacific Northwest, including as cherries, apricots, berries and grapes. Its blending house currently holds more than 1,400 French oak, Kentucky Bourbon and Northwest wine barrels — plus nine foudres (a Flemish word meaning huge oak barrel).

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Cap and Trade bill advances

February 17, 2016 --

Associated Oregon Industries
Oregon’s largest business advocate

On Tuesday, February 9, the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources voted on party-lines to refer SB 1574 (cap and trade) to the Joint Ways and Means Committee. The importance of the referral is that the committee does not have the same deadline requirements as other policy committees; and thus, the bill will likely remain alive for the remainder of the Session.

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House votes to stop Notario fruad

February 16, 2016 --

cap-smallBy Oregon House Democrat Office,

The Oregon House today voted unanimously to clamp down on phony “notario businesses,” which purport to be legitimate immigration or legal consultants but in reality prey on vulnerable populations.

House Bill 4128 came out of the Notario Fraud Task Force, which put together a comprehensive package of policies to increase enforcement tools against these abusive practices. The task force was co-chaired by Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson (D-Portland) and Sen. Sara Gelser (D-Corvallis).

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