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Chart: Future of Dollar as World Currency

November 4, 2013

by Bill Conerly, Oregon economist
Conerly Consulting, Businomics

My article Future of the Dollar as a World Reserve Currency is getting lots of attention.

World Currency Reserves

Key topics include why do countries hold foreign currency reserves, why do they hold dollars as reserves rather than Euros, Yen, Renmimbi, Pounds Sterling or Tonga’s currency, what is the outlook for global reserve holdings, and the impact of the dollars high usage on United States interest rates. If you have comments on the article, please post them on the blog.

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Coffeetrader November 4, 2013

By having one world wide currency what would this accomplish? Would it cut down on the on the costs, the confusion and the counterfeiting? By each nation having their own currencies, I like it as a great “yard stick” or measuring tool for how the economy is doing.

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