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Oregon exports to China grow 936%

August 28, 2012

Out of 435 congressional districts, 420 districts had higher growth in exports to China in 2011 than they did to other markets around the globe.
By U.S.-China Business Council


– Congressional districts all over the country are seeing exports to China outpace exports to the rest of the world according to the US-China Business Council’s (USCBC) annual US Congressional District Exports to China report. Out of 435 congressional districts, 420 districts had higher growth in exports to China in 2011 than they did to other markets around the globe.

“Exports to China contribute to America’s economic recovery and support good jobs for American workers. China is the third-largest US export market and continues to provide growing opportunities for US businesses, whether large or small,” USCBC Vice President Erin Ennis said. “The nearly $88 billion increase in exports to China during 2000–2011 exceeded the increase to every other market for US goods and farm products, with the exception of Canada. US exports to Canada increased $102 billion over the same period, while US exports to Mexico rose $86 billion. Brazil was a distant fourth with just a $28 billion increase in purchases of US products.

“Equally important is that the gains in exports to China are felt widely throughout the country,” Ennis said. “Even in states that have mixed export stories over recent years — such as Florida and New Hampshire — exports from congressional districts to China generally grew faster than those to the rest of the world.

“Contrary to conventional wisdom, congressional districts in states as diverse as Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin also benefited from rapidly increasing exports to China–including exports of manufactured goods such as electrical equipment, machinery, computers and electronics, transportation equipment, and other high-end products,” Ennis said.

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Bob Clark August 28, 2012

This is good news reflecting how China’s build of U.S currency reserves through its own exports to the U.S are also coming back to fuel U.S export activity. Free trade ultimately is a very good thing, and is why we should look skeptically at the imposition of tariffs on things like Chineese solar panel imports into the U.S. It actually hurts the U.S solar industry as it increases the cost of solar panel installation for U.S end users and government.

Manmohan August 29, 2012

Very Informative . I work for McGladrey and there’s a guide on exporting on the website ( ) with insights and opinions industry experts .

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