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Portland has nation’s 5th highest water-sewer rates

January 31, 2012

Report: Portland has 5th highest water and sewer rates in the U.S.
by Eric Fruits, Oregon economist
Econ International Blog
A recent study from Nus Consulting Group revealed that the average business district/commercial water user saw rates rise 5.5 percent in 2011 when compared to 2010.

However, in several cities, water and sewer rate increases were considerably higher. For instance, Portland had one of the biggest increases at 9 percent.

The study also identified those cities with the most expensive and the least costly water and sewer rates.

The five cities with the highest water/sewer rates in the United States in 2011:

– Atlanta, Georgia
– Seattle, Washington
– Newport, Rhode Island
– San Francisco, California
– Portland, Oregon

And the lowest rates:

•Biloxi, Mississippi
•El Paso, Texas
•Memphis, Tennessee
•Chicago, Illinois
•Greenville, South Carolina

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Bob Clark January 31, 2012

I think Commissar Leonard who leads Portland’s Water Bureau would probably upon reading this article say: “Fruits probably is representing the interests of big oil, the Koch brothers, or someother crass corporate interest.” Word is Portland city hall is trying desparately to change the city charter, under the disguise of more citizen review of water and sewer rates, so as to legitimize the continued use by city hall of water and sewer bills to fund otherwise unrelated government projects.

Hunter January 31, 2012

Those investments in bike paths is what has made Portland #1 city for bikes. We become a great role model and attraction for people moving here.

Enough January 31, 2012

I know this is a little off topic;
I hope Mr Fruits helps again with the defeat
of the upcoming 2ND attempt at the school
modernization construction bond. The economy
is no better off than a year ago, housing values
are still slipping, and home foreclosures have not

And PPS is gearing up for that 2ND attempt
because I received this email.

“Wilson Area Parents, Staff and Community Members,

You are invited to the PPS Buildings & Learning session on Thursday Feb. 2 at 7 pm at Wilson High School, 1151 SW Vermont Street.

Chief Operating Officer CJ Sylvester and Facilities Director Tony Magliano will report on the condition of our school buildings, discuss research on the relationship between building conditions and student achievement and provide an overview of seismic, accessibility and related financial issues as well as answer questions.

This session is an important opportunity to learn more about the state of our school buildings, ask questions and give input that will support the structuring of the next school modernization bond.”

For more information, call 503-916-7412.

Erin Barnett

Employee Communications Manager


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