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If we default, where do I stash my investment?

July 30, 2011

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As the budget deadline looms closer, everyone is asking questions on what could happen and what to do. Rueters did a breakdown of the seven biggest questions asked about if America actually does default (article here). Those questions deal with interest rates (car loans, student loans, etc.), social security benefits and the value of the dollar. CNN News did a short segment on where to put one’s investment funds if we do default. See below.

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Bob Clark July 30, 2011

It’s hard to jump into gold at this point given its steady decade long rise. It does seem like gold price will go higher the next year or two because of very easy money policies around the globe to counter a soft economy brought on by deleveraging of debt and slowing population growth in developed countries.

Silver seems like a place to put a small fraction of one’s portfolio as it is 20% below recent peaks.

But multinationals benefiting from emerging market growth while having another foot in developed economies, paying two to four percent dividend yields, and with medium to low debt levels; this looks like the best place currently to put a good portion of one’s savings. Intel, Bristol Meyer Squib, and Encana look pretty decent with 3% like annual dividend yields.

Seems like also a good time to maybe move forward any real estate purchases, too.

It looks like the debt ceiling is going to be raised by a Senate House compromise bill that picks up House Demo votes while losing some Tea Partier GOP votes. Maybe the biggest thing to come out of the national discussion is to sharply slow the growth in federal expenditure. That’s actually a good thing.

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