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US Chamber warns against default

July 31, 2011 --

by Bruce Josten
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

We have been telling you for weeks and months that defaulting on our debt is not an option – it has real, immediate, and potentially catastrophic consequences.  As Tom Donohue and Rob Nichols outlined in their joint USA Today op-ed just last week, failure to raise the debt ceiling would have calamitous results. It would halt government operations, make our debt and deficit situation worse, debase the value of the dollar and threaten its status as the world’s reserve currency, and hamper U.S. growth and job creation.

And we are going to remind you again. If Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling, there will be real impacts, for every American. Interest rates will rise for everyone – which means higher rates for American consumers and the small businesses who drive our economy. Car loans, mortgages, and business and student loans will all be more expensive.

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If we default, where do I stash my investment?

July 30, 2011 --

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As the budget deadline looms closer, everyone is asking questions on what could happen and what to do. Rueters did a breakdown of the seven biggest questions asked about if America actually does default (article here). Those questions deal with interest rates (car loans, student loans, etc.), social security benefits and the value of the dollar. CNN News did a short segment on where to put one’s investment funds if we do default. See below.

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Oregon Post Office closure list eyes over 40 sites

July 29, 2011 --

Business News Note:

There are more than 40 Oregon post offices that are on the short list for possible closures. The U.S Postal Office may be closing 105 of its retail offices. Some offices may be transferred into existing businesses such as libraries or local stores. All of the Oregon post offices on the suggested closure study list are rural offices with small mail volume. The U.S. Post Office closure study list is part of a plan to help reduce the $8 billion deficit by the Postal Service.   Another proposal is to eliminate Saturday delivery service.  Here is the list of Oregon Post Office closures with zip codes they represent.

ADEL, 97620

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Oregon economic forecast: Bad news for small business, real estate

July 28, 2011 --

Dan Hamilton,
CLU Center for Economic Research & Forecasting
Oregon Economic Forecast Highlights, July 2011

We expect Oregon’s economy to grow only very slowly throughout the remainder of 2011, only achieving solid 3 percent growth in 2012. Job growth will likely be even more anemic, implying that the economic growth we expect to see will be driven mostly by continued productivity growth.

The modest forecast reflects continued weakness among small business and in the Real Estate sector.

As discussed in the Real Estate Essay, virtually all of Real Estate’s subsectors are likely to be extremely weak throughout the forecast horizon. This is a problem because real estate transactions drive a large amount of economic activity. Every transaction required the services of several professionals. These include appraisers, lenders, real estate brokers, title people, and with commercial transactions especially, attorneys.

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Lessons from America’s worst cities

July 27, 2011 --

Lessons from America’s worst cities
By Oregon Tax News

Oregon Tax News recently analyzed the information behind three different worst city ratings which included;”America’s Shrinking Cities List” (by MSNBC), “America’s Most Miserable City List” (Forbes) and “Worst Job Seeker City List” (US & World Report). The four most common factors of being among America’s worst cities were unemployment, high crime, low education levels and a city’s exposure to the housing crisis fall-out. A more narrower data point not highlighted in this article were worst cities that were impacted by disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

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Idaho Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit over Intra-Office Romance

July 26, 2011 --

By Jennifer Reinhardt
Stoel Rives World of Employment
Oregon Law Firm

On June 29, 2011, the Idaho Supreme Court unanimously upheld a district court ruling that a state worker could not maintain an action against her employer for wrongful discharge based on allegations that her supervisor’s intra-office romance and consequent favoritism toward his paramour created a hostile work environment. See Patterson v. State of Idaho Dep’t of Health & Welfare. In the first Idaho case of its kind, the Court found that paramour favoritism did not violate Title VII and therefore opposition to such activity is not “protected activity” under the Idaho Human Rights Act (“IHRA”).

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Offering free Wi-Fi may be illegal

July 25, 2011 --

Wi-Fi Warning: Small Businesses Take Note
New copyright deal could nail firms providing free Internet access
Oregon NFIB

SALEM, Ore., July 18, 2011— America’s leading small-business association issued a warning to Main Street entrepreneurs who offer Internet access to their customers: Take steps now to avoid allegations of online piracy.

Record labels, movie studios and other industry groups recently struck a deal where participating Internet providers will issue warnings to customers whose accounts are allegedly used to steal content. (The National Federation of Independent Business, which issued today’s warning, is not a party to the agreement.)

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Documentary film goes after abusive lawyers

July 24, 2011 --

Documentary Exposes Exploited Legal System
By U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Chamber is applauding a film that documents how the greatest system of justice in the world is being compromised by greed and corruption.

InJustice reveals the history behind America’s “lawsuit industry” and how it had transformed the practice of law from a calling into a multi-billion dollar a year business. The film by award-winning producer Brian Kelly highlights the abuses of opportunistic trial lawyers and reveals how their actions affect the court system, the legal profession, and lawsuit victims.

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How to Invest in Gold

July 23, 2011 --

Gold investments are on the rise, with this commodity being seen as one of the most stable on the market. Part of the appeal of buying gold is that it is one of the most straightforward methods of being able to see a return on your initial investment.

Those who have very little experience with investing are often more likely to invest in gold. The value of gold is far less volatile than that of stocks or shares, and tends to increase or decrease at a slow or steady pace. Therefore, for anyone who is unable to keep a constant watch on the value of their investments, buying gold is ideal.

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How your Smartphone can be hacked


How your Smartphone can be hacked

Many professionals do not understand that their Smartphone or iPhone can be hacked just like a desktop computer can. The hacking can occur just by visiting a website on the web using your Smartphone. That website can then use the information your phone is providing as a tool against the phone in order to use the phone to make unauthorized calls. The ease of this hacking by the man in the video is frightening.

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