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NW sinking U.S. economy and other woes

December 16, 2010

Welcome to Oregon … things look bleak here
by Eric Fruits

Some bad economics news coming out of Oregon. First, Portland’s mayor rejects an economic study because it doesn’t blow enough sunshine about the city’s business environment and its livability. Next, the the governor elect, speaking at the business/politician cabal better known as the Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit, declares that the state is in a “death spiral.”

Now, it is revealed that our “best and brightest” are facing some pretty dim job prospects.

The figure below suggests that colleges grads in the Pacific Northwest have little to look forward to when they hit the job market. So much for the theory that the “young creatives” will fuel our next economic boom.

On the upside, the New York Times suggest that some college grads are finding success in starting their own businesses.

At the same time, this New York Times story suggests that self-employment is on the decline at is now at is lowest level since 2002.

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Bob Clark December 16, 2010

There are hopeful signs from Washington state. Petitioners and citzens voted to reject Washington government’s increasing welfare state. Meanwhile, Oregon continues to shoot itself in the economic foot by passing additional nanny laws in the name of some phantom environmental benefit. Exhibit plastic bag ban which even Seattle rejected. If I were a young man, I’d be headed north out of the Oregon welfare state and assorted other central planning nannisms.

Gremlin December 16, 2010

Oregon is not only on the wrong track, it is not even on the the track

Freddie December 16, 2010

That chart is terrible…

bill kettle December 20, 2010

i know why don’t we start an armaments and munitions factory in oregon. and when there isn’t a war we’ll sell equipment to peaceful nations looking to avoid conflict. then all of the unemployed will have money right.?? you know, without weapons and plastic bags, what will oregon do??
obviously sarcasm won’t change the world for the better. but either will this article’s elementary school graphs. what kind of information is the oregonbusinessreport trying to pander?? when will oregonians figure out that natural resource extraction eventually runs out??? and agriculture only makes the periferal service market rich,( distibutors, farm equipment and seed suppliers).
self serving business intrests never help society as a whole. without losers in the business of greed, their wealth would have no meaning.
the real death spiral is – federal timber subsidy ends 2012.
get with it oregon, or the future will be grim.

Robert Fisher January 21, 2011

as long as we keep supporting Israel to the tune of 20 billions per month and are fighting all over the world, we will be done.
it is time to wake up and quit letting the military rule us.
the government has subsidized large companies to take our jobs to india and china and those jobs are never comming back.
we are like the romans, the english and the russians for now the USA Empire will come crushing down.

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