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Word spreads about Oregon’s tax problem

September 16, 2010

By Oregon Small Business Association,

There are a lot of good things happening in Oregon, but recently we have been making news for all the wrong reasons. Forbes Magazine ran an article on capital gains state tax rates and the chart featured Oregon as having the highest capital gains tax rate in the nation. Such articles act as negative advertising to businesses considering moving to our state.    It also shows what many expanding businesses see when they compare tax rates between states.   Being #1 stands out and works against our economic interest.   As long as Oregon is among the top the negative articles and comparisons will continue to cycle painful news about our state.

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Federal Tax September 16, 2010

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Steve Buckstein September 16, 2010

Oregon could make news for the right reason if it not only cut, but if it eliminates its capital gains tax for good. What better time to eliminate this volatile, negative tax than when there are virtually no gains to be found anyway.

fisher September 16, 2010

Oregon has other benefits they can offer. That is why so many energy, solar and wind firms locate here.

Nowhere September 16, 2010

Not as it seems Fisher.

gullyborg October 11, 2010

Fisher, that is only because Oregon tax dollars are used to subsidize energy production!

Terry Cook October 11, 2010

And we’re surprised that business doesn’t want to locate in Oregon??? Who’da thunk it?

The rest of the world just didn’t get the memo I guess–Oregonians believe they can tax themselves right into prosperity vis-a-vis measures 66/67. If it were only so. Those who love government just keep believing, maybe one day you’ll prove the rest of humanity wrong.

Until then Oregon remains hobbled.

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