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Poll: Oregonians approve annual sessions

February 10, 2010

By Moore Information Polling

Annual Sessions for Oregon Legislature
“Would you vote yes to approve or no to oppose annual sessions for the state legislature?”

Our recent poll shows Oregon voters support annual sessions for the state legislature by more than a two-to-one margin. Today, 52% of voters statewide tell us they would vote “yes” to support a ballot measure that would change Oregon’s legislative schedule to annual sessions. Just 23% would vote “no” and the remaining 25% are undecided.

There are notable differences of opinion by subgroup, primarily by geography and partisanship. For example, in Multnomah County, annual sessions are favored more than three-to-one (60% to 18%). Voters in the Willamette Valley are in favor by a smaller, two-to-one margin (52% to 26%), but there is only plurality support in Clackamas and Washington Counties (46% yes, 25% no) and the Southern/Coastal/Eastern regions (50% yes, 23% no). By party, Republicans and Independents are far less enthused than Democrats on this issue.

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James Nye February 10, 2010

The damage the Legislature does to Oregon Business meeting every other year is more than enough. They will only make it worse meeting annually!

msclaudia February 10, 2010

they didn’t ask me!
I say NO…every 2 years is often enough for them to meet and
figure stupid ways to waste OUR money.

Bill MCKee February 10, 2010

Have you read the proposed laws these people actually come up with? And we want to expose men, women and children to them annually?

Please. The problem is TOO MUCH government, not too little. The basic reason for more sessions is to further constrict our liberty, confiscate our income, and regulate anything that walks, talks, or moves.

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F.M. Campbell March 17, 2010

Yet again, more proof that if Oregon produces any product of note, it would be morons. Millions and millions of morons. And, more added every day.

What else could possibly explain the perpetually perverse electoral behavior of allegedly rational people in this state?

F.M. Campbell March 17, 2010


My above comment was intended to respond to the permanent/annual legislature article.

Thanks for allowing me to make this clarification.

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