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Measure 66 and 67 results by county

January 28, 2010

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John Fisher January 28, 2010

Oregonians need to get a clue. Our Representatives must live within A Buget; they expect the citizens of this State to live within a Budget. Sounds hypocritical when money is wasted for needless reasons. Look at or Road Taxes from Gasoline Sales … So much money and very little poured into asphalt! This State is Taxing the citizens and businesses into “ditching” and “skipping” to another more “common sense” oriented Stare.

Time for a Tax Revolt and time to remove Representatives, no matter what Party out of office and Vote into office fisically responsible individuals. Over 35 years an Oregonian and Taxes get worse every year and foolish spending continues year end and year out.

Bring solvancy back to Oregon and those who love this State!

Mary Bowen January 28, 2010

If I am reading the stats correctly, it looks like out of a total of 36 counties, no votes exceeded the yes votes in 27 of them.

If my math is correct,that is roughly 70% of the counties which voted no.

We have now identified the problem areas. I agree that it is time to get rid of those legislators that support taxing rather than cutting. We can effect what 66 & 67 would have done with a no vote, by “voting the bums out”, work hard to identify and question contenders for their seats, and get those taxes repealed through a new legislature.

Bernice Peterson January 28, 2010

If you’ll read both Constitutions you’ll find that an Ex-post facto law is unconstitutional but I found out no Oregon Rep. or Senator ever asked that question back in the Summer of 2009 before the idiots passed it and Gov. K. signed it. You just can’t pass a law that reverts back to Jan. 2009, even if the extra taxes don’t have to be paid until 2010. Surely, the Oregon Supreme Court knows this but they have done nothing to stop the two bills! Everybody that doesn’t want Oregon to commit suicide should write the Oregon Supreme Court and tell them to speak up and say that the measures are null and void because the laws are unconstitutional. That’s what the U.S.Supreme Ct. told FDR about some of his New Deal plans, but evidently the current U.S. Supreme Ct. has been bought off by B.O. so we now are his slaves under Marxism and Oregon just applaudes. During the ’90s the Legislative Assembly managed to throw out the six percent limitation on any taxes, fees and licenses so now Gov. K. can raise everything 100, 200, or even 500 percent and you have NO recourse except to get out of Dodge and find a State that upholds both Constitutions. See my letter to the editor in yesterday’s Roseburg Beacon newspaper, a weekly conservative paper. Yesterday I cried for Oregon and my country as we, the people are slaves under tyranny but don’t have the brains to know it. Read Genesis 47 to the end and onward to Moses, who led them out of slavery. They paid 20% to Pharaoh and when the new King took over they got the whip. That’s what you’ve got coming and you asked for it, verified by 1 Samuel 8.

No Spin January 29, 2010

Mary you are correct in your view of the percentage of counties voting NO. Even further analysis will reveal that on Measure 66 alone the percentage of NO votes averaged in the state overwhelmed the Yes votes (60.90% to 56.93%) but due to the numbers in counties like Multnomah, Lane and Benton counties it skews the results. Where do the majority of state and union job exist….you got it! I’m pretty confident that this one will come back to bite the population of Oregon in the backside and hopefully it will be an eye opener for future reform.

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