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Measure 66-67 Tax Ads Invade Airwaves

December 14, 2009

By Oregon BIZ Watch,

There are four Measure 66 & Measure 67 ads on the TV airwaves and internet universe. Measure 66 and Measure 67 are the Oregon measures that raise business and income tax rates as part of the 2009-2010 budget approved by the Oregon Legislature.

This Anti-Measure 66-67 deals with the retro activity of the measures.

This pro-Measure 66-67 ad deals with the history of the corporate minimum tax

This pro-Measure 66-67 deals with school cuts and paying fair share

This anti-Measure 66-67 deals with an Obama quote on raising taxes in a recession

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bud December 14, 2009

The adds always seem so slick that they appear splippery, if that makes sense.

Crocker December 14, 2009

I see them on TV but no radio. With radio you can reach more people. Not everyone has teh time to watch hours of tv at home. Then again, Maybe I am listening to the wrong stations.

wellsaid December 14, 2009

That idea of taxing someone from the beginning of the year is a real sneaky way to collect funds. Why cannot they just be forthright and tax ahead what they need? It generates distrust in my book and makes me question what the supporters of the Measure 66 and Measure 67 business taxes are going to do with the money.

Rudy December 14, 2009

Ballots will arrive soon. Don’t get distracted by the jingle bells.

Carolyn Nunn December 16, 2009

Why do they harp on the $10. corporate tax? If that is such an issue, just raise that tax. I have worked for many small businesses and they pay a lot more in taxes over and above the $10. Do we want to lose more jobs in Oregon?

JQ December 18, 2009

The No on 66-67 ads are pretty lame. better start looking for a new provider before it’s too late. You’re getting your butts handed to you–and I say that as someone on the NO side.

Carolyn’s comment kinda proves my point. They’re harping on the $10 minimum because it’s easy to understand and makes it LOOK like corporations aren’t paying they’re fair share. THAT’S why they focus on it. It’s called spin. And right now, the other side is running circles around us.

Find a new ad writer!

Sandy December 18, 2009

NO to a tax that is retroactive.. Oregon has one of the already highest personal income pay check tax in the country… Let us keep the wages we earn..Down size government and save that way..

Delbert Phelps January 14, 2010

Measure 66 imposes two new tax brackets affecting 2010 income:

A new marginal tax rate of 10.8 percent would be levied for taxable income between $250,000 and $500,000 for joint filers and $125,000 and $250,000 for single filers.
A new 11 percent marginal tax bracket would be created for taxable income above $500,000 for joint filers and $250,000 for single filers.
More than 40 percent of all families in the U.S. participate in some type of employment-based retirement plan. These plans include defined benefit (pension) plans and defined contribution plans such as a 401(k) or 403(b). In addition, approximately 1 in 3 families has an IRA or Keogh account.

Among those with either a defined contribution plan or an IRA/Keogh account, the average account balance is $148,440. For those age 55 and older, the average account balance is more than $250,000. More than 1 in 10 families have account balances in excess of $500,000.

A family converting $300,000 in retirement funds would have to come up with another $900 in Oregon taxes if subject to Measure 66. A family converting a $600,000 retirement account would have to find another $6,500 in cash to pay additional Measure 66 taxes

John White January 29, 2010

We Texans learned long ago we cannot tax our way to prosperity. Tort reform, low taxes and NO INCOME TAX create an inviting business climate and good businesses daily move to our state to escape oppressive anti-business policies like Measure 66.

State economics are really quite simple: since states depend on tax dollars for revenue, the trick is to get more people earning and keeping their earnings so they can pay more taxes.

Texas is now Number 1 in Fortune 500 companies and, I am pleased to say, Houston is the Number 1 American city in Fortune 500 companies. Houston, by the way, also has no zoning – business happens naturally, right where it ought to happen.

Last business owner to leave Oregon, please turn out the lights.

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