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Oregon, California among worst job cities by comparrison

October 29, 2009

By Oregon Small Business Association,

As the Bureau of Labor chart shows, Oregon and California Metro-area cities are suffering with higher than average unemployment rates. These two states are rare compared to other states which either are improving better than the national average or at least have a few city areas that are improving better than the national average.   Oregon and California are dominated by these job loss metro-cities.  Portland was ranked the 17th highest job loss city which lost 5.9% of it’s jobs last year. There were 99 of 100 biggest US cities that suffered declines.

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Qw October 29, 2009

Boy this graph really shows that Oregon is going in the wrong direction. I wonder what those otehr cities are doing, especially those NE cities?

Charles here October 29, 2009

A pro-growth agenda is nowhere to be seen on Portland’s, Beaverton’s, Salem’s, and Eugene’s to do list. These resulst should be no surprise. It does not take a rocket scientists to chaneg thsi , just ask thelocal shopkeeper what needs to be done to hire more workers.

Jan C October 29, 2009

All you have to do, is read today, that Portland City Council has voted to reduce our “carbon footprint” by 80% from 1990, and you know why. How can the region grow with this kind of mindset.

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