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Poll: Public undecided on Legislature, fears new taxes

August 19, 2009

Riley Research Poll Press Release,

Oregon residents were asked to rate their favorability with the legislature’s the end of May and again after the session had concluded the in June. We observed a small drop in the percentage of unfavorable ratings, from the mid-session results. A little over one-fourth of those surveyed had a favorable view of the legislature’s work (28 percent), while about one-third had an unfavorable view (34 percent), and the remainder was unsure or undecided (37 percent).

Favorability ratings were highest among Democrats (40% favorable) and Willamette Valley residents (35% favorable). Unfavorable ratings were highest among ages 35-44 (48% unfavorable), Republicans and independents had high unfavorable ratings (44% each), Males (42 % unfavorable) and Southern Oregon residents (40% unfavorable)

Respondents who had a favorable or unfavorable view of the legislature’s work were asked why they felt that way. A majority of the comments were unfavorable (55 percent), while 40 percent were favorable, and 7 percent were neutral. It’s interesting to note that some Oregonians gave unfavorable ratings because they felt the legislature did not spend enough on their pet programs.

The biggest reasons for unfavorable views included:
– Taxes raised (21percent)
– Not enough education funding (7 percent)
– Taxes raised on corporations, higher-income individuals (5 percent)

The Top reasons for favorable views included:
– Education funding (11 percent)
– Healthcare was expanded (5 percent)

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cc33 August 19, 2009

How many times do we need to say this – do not raise taxes in a recession. I do not understand what the 2009 Capitol gang was thinking?

Alpha Dog August 19, 2009

Forget that, take a good look at the undecideds.

How can so many people not have their mind made up? Geez man, take a side.

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