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Oregon Entrepreneur: Redefining electronics for women

February 27, 2009

By Liz Overson
Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

Robin Jones, CEO and Co-founder of 88 Inc. of Portland, is working hard to bring a product to market that she feels will transform mobile phone usage for women. In sum, she and her partner are designing headpieces that are ergonomically and aesthetically targeting the female consumer.  Women buy 71% of mobile phones and 51% of consumer electronics today. And Robin’s soon-to-be ready product will zero in on that demographic with their line of fine jewelry that provides all the functionality of today’s headsets, yet in a more attractive and even practical way.

Robin’s experience as an entrepreneur in our current market isn’t unique. She needs funding, and is partnering with many much needed vendors whom she cannot pay. Instead what she opts for is convertible notes or equity in exchange for services. It’s an astute idea that she takes in stride. She also isn’t afraid to cold call. In fact, of ten calls she has made recently looking for help, she has received only one out right no. Robin recommends all entrepreneurs in today’s landscape talk to anyone who will listen and ask for anything and everything. To that point, she has even asked the question, “Know any sheikhs”? And the answer, much to her joy, was yes.

— Article from the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network.   OEN is the largest entrepreneur assistance organization in the state of Oregon. OEN fosters the flow of entrepreneurial ideas, services, and capital to entrepreneurs and helps connect emerging Northwest businesses to growth-stimulating expertise and valuable resources.

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Jasmin Ai February 27, 2009

Any website or pics of her product? I can’t find her on the web.

bud February 27, 2009

Let me pipe in on the ergonomics thang. You see I never understand why the people who design products are not the same who wear them. A headset I utilize is a big pain and no one who uses it for more than a few weeks would settle for it if there was another option. SO my management idea is that I would force designers and engineers to use it for two weeks before going to market. Watch them scream and holler — it will be fun.

Lisa February 27, 2009

…and designers of high heel shoes.

noname February 27, 2009


LaRayne February 27, 2009

I do wonder other than possibly size, is the female ear really ergonomically different than a mans?

The concept of bartering (which is what she is doing) is not new, yet something that others might find useful in these strange economic times.

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