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As Americans Lose Insurance Benefits, Chiropractors Gain Patients

February 11, 2009

By Ken Niezgoda,
Biz Reporter

With a growing number of his patients losing their jobs, and consequently their insurance coverage, Beaverton chiropractor Dr. Ted Forcum is discounting his service to help those struggling financially. Forcum increased to 20 percent the discount he offers to patients who pay at the time of service. Customers who must pay out-of-pocket can now receive more affordable care.

The discounting isn’t out of business necessity. In fact it comes at a time when chiropractors anticipate a natural increase in the demand for their services. According to a press release issued by the American Chiropractic Association, the Prevention and Wellness Initiative portion of President Obama’s economic stimulus bill could give a boost to chiropractic programs.

As more Americans lose health insurance, the drug and surgery-free options offered by alternative therapies such as chiropractic care are becoming more appealing. These medical alternatives also promote the concept of preventive medicine, which can help drive down individual medical costs (read more about this in an AARP news release

So why is Forcum discounting when business is on the rise? Rather than capitalizing on profits to be gained by this shifting trend, he feels a need to look out for his patients’ financial well-being as well as their physical health.

“I’m a firm believer in karma,” said Forcum, a nationally-renown sports chiropractor who served on the U.S. Olympic team medical staff in the Beijing Olympics and the Rio Pan American Games. “I believe whatever you give comes back to you.”

Forcum said those who have insurance coverage can still choose to have the clinic bill insurance directly, or they can pay up front and receive the discount, then seek reimbursement from their insurance carriers on their own. He said this reduces the expense and staff overhead involved when his clinic bills insurance directly, and he passes the savings on to his patients.

In addition to the discount, Forcum said his standard rates have always been lower than customary fees charged for like services in the region.

“I’ve always charged what I would personally want to pay for service rather than base it on what other clinics charge, and since I’m pretty cheap, so are my rates,” said Forcum, laughing.

### Back In Motion Sports Injuries Clinic is located at 11385 SW Scholls Ferry Road in Beaverton and on the web at: .

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Discuss this article

Jerry February 11, 2009

This comes at a time when buisnesses are raising their prices. Very unusual twist.

LaRayne February 11, 2009

Alternative medicine can be “just what the doctor ordere.” Sounds like he is a true healer.

bud February 12, 2009

You know this recession has really been a pain in the neck, even watching the stock market go wildy up and down is putting a pinch on my neck to boot. A chiropractor sounds good right now.

One more thing February 12, 2009

I see that the good doctor says, “I’ve always charged what I would personally want to pay for service rather than base it on what other clinics charge.”. Now that is good advice. I think many people in the medicine industry feel like they can overcharge people because the need is so serious and people do not exercise choices. Well, wake-up people you can see you have choices here. I wouldn’t choose a doctor just because he/she is nearby or you know them. Put to use your feet and do some shopping on the issue. You might find you can get better prices and better service.

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