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Sunday auto sales ban would hurt small business

December 23, 2008

José Pinomesa, President
Oregon Independent Auto Dealers Association

This is exactly what the OADA-Oregon Auto Dealers Association would like to propose for the 2009 legislative year.  This has been proposed by them on behalf of new car dealers in order to reduce the cost of overhead in these slow economic times where auto sales have fallen dramatically.

The OIADA-Oregon Independent Auto Dealers Association has not been as happy with the news media since they report it as “All Dealers” are in favor of this when it cannot be farther from the truth.  The OIADA has primarily used car dealers as members.  It can be said that most new cars today are sold from Monday through Friday and used cars are still sold seven days a week.  Since used cars cost far less they are purchased by those that have less money and those that have to work their forty plus hours per week.  With both spouses having to sign on the dotted line for financing the only real time they have is weekends.  Since Saturdays is a very busy day to catch up from the work week then Sundays make a perfect day to purchase a vehicle before the work week begins again.

Oregon did have this law that was turned around in the seventies and there are about a dozen states left that have this as current law.  This law has been said to be unconstitutional and can no longer be enforced in some states.  With this being the case you will find states challenging this law as Rhode Island just did in the last couple of months.  If you can buy beer and liquor on Sunday then you should be able to purchase a vehicle too!

Small businesses in America are the ones that keep America rolling along and we do not need our state government to step in during economic times like this and tell us that we cannot sell cars on Sunday.

— This article was written by José Pinomesa who is the President of the Oregon Independent Auto Dealers Association in Salem and the owner of José Mesa Auto Wholesale, LLC in Portland.

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Discuss this article

Bud December 23, 2008

Why would they even float an idea if it is so unpopular?

cc33 December 23, 2008

I have an idea that is the opposite. Apply the Oregon hybrid tax credit to any car sold on a Sunday. That would make better use of the staff handling more per customer. Although maybe a Saturday idea would work as well.

Max IV December 23, 2008

Everything we hear now is about stimulus this and stimulus that as a way to boost consumer spending. Now I behold this plan to stop consumer spending on Sundays. Heck, if it is good for the auto world then why not apply it to every business on Sunday. The reason we do not is because it would be a big fat failure. No one believes this hype.

Bud December 23, 2008

Hype sells, at least among the sellers.

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