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Senator Smith and Liberman propose small business health plan

September 25, 2008

On Wednesday, Oregon Senator Gordon Smith and Senator Jospeh Liberman (CT) introduced the Affordable Coverage for Small Employers Act which aims to help small business owners provide health care coverage. Here are some of the key provisions as listed in the Senator’s joint statement:
·         Requires the development of an affordable, comprehensive standard benefit package that will be available nationally.  This benefit package mirrors the health care benefits available to Members of Congress and other federal employees.
·         Creates regional health care exchanges that will develop common rating or “beneficiary premium costs” guidelines that may not include health status as a factor, nor impose waiting periods or exclude coverage of pre-existing conditions.
·         Allows regional health care exchanges to expand coverage to sole proprietors, individuals and larger employers.
·         Provides advanceable, refundable tax credits to working families to help offset the cost of health coverage.
·         Provides tax credits to small employers who contribute to their employees’ health insurance premiums.

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anonymous September 25, 2008

Oh that Joe Liberman. You never know where he will turn up.

E. Miller September 25, 2008

On one hand it is nice that they are extending the same health benefit principles as offered to members of Congress. On the other hand, is congress ever a good role model?

RE to Miller September 25, 2008


Ralph Duran of Tucson,Az March 10, 2011

This SOUNDS alot like our PRESIDENTS health care reform that the Republican keep putting down. It seems to me that the Republicansjust want to take credit for something that the Democrats come up with.

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