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Weekly business-world news quiz 8/22

August 22, 2008

Test your knowledge on the key business and world news events.

1. Microsoft is turning to which celebrity to help promote its Window’s Vista?
A) Tom Hanks
B) Jerry Seinfeild
C) Jay Leno
D) Mike Phelps

2. What industry is expected to see the biggest wave of job losses since 2001 , numbered in the tens of thousands?
A) Hotel
B) Car Rental
C) Restaurant
D) Airline

3. What company with Oregon ties saw a big 14% profit rise?
B) Nike
C) Columbia Sportswear
D) Hynix

4. Name one of the three Olympic corporate sponsors  that won the best results in an ad-performance tracking rating?

5. Which telecommunications company has been in severe negotiations with their union this week to avoid a possible strike?
A) Qwest
C) Verizon
D) Sprint

6. Which US Automaker proposed this week to sell up to $500 million of its shares to buy back debt from it’s credit arm to assist with their finances
B) Chrysler
C) Ford

7. What nation gave approval this week to accept a missile-defense system form the U.S.
A) Lithuania
B) German
C) Turkey
D) Poland

8. Which nation lost 10 soldiers in a raid in Afghanistan?
A) France
B) Italy
C) Great Britain
D) Italy

9. Both department stores, Target and JC Penny net fell this week.  Which fell by 7% and the other 36%.

10. How many Gold medals did US swimmer Michael Phelps win?
A) 8
B) 9
C) 10
D) 11






1. B- Jerry Seinfeld
2. D- Airline
3.  A -HP
4. Coca-Cola, Visa and GE
5. A – Qwest
6. C- Ford
7. D- Poland
8. A- France
9. Target =7%, JC Penny = 36%.
8. A – eight

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Publius September 3, 2008

5/10 here. I love how on question 8 Italy is listed twice:

8. Which nation lost 10 soldiers in a raid in Afghanistan?
A) France
B) Italy
C) Great Britain
D) Italy

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