Kitzhaber renews film & TV tax credits in budget

Governor Kitzhaber Includes Oregon Production Investment Fund in Budget, Prioritizes Good Jobs
By Oregon Media Production Association

Governor Kitzhaber’s 2011-2013 budget includes job creation priorities that can help bring our state out of the recession. Included in these priorities is the extension and expansion of the Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF), a tax credit program which motivates investment in film and television projects in Oregon. Governor Kitzhaber said he will use “proven strategies” to improve Oregon’s struggling economy and the boost to OPIF is a strong step forward. The program stands out for its extensive tracking and reporting of jobs created, and for the its strong record of bringing money into the state.

Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain responded to the Governor’s announcement, saying “Oregon is still struggling: over 10% of our workers are out of a job. It’s clear that we need to bring more jobs to the state and extending the film and video tax credit will do exactly that.”

This credit not only brings jobs to Oregon but supports small businesses across sectors – in hotel and lodging, catering and transportation; it creates jobs for local actors, stagehands and crew; and it supports the many other businesses where visiting actors spend their money. It sets the standard for supporting good jobs and tracking its success.

Oregon is still struggling, and it is crucial that we ensure Oregonians who depend on services have the support they need and that we don’t cut jobs and balance the budget on the back of working people and our middle class.

But programs like OPIF stand out as important steps to move us forward, bring jobs back to Oregon and get the economy moving in the right direction.

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