Low Fuel Prices Also Bring Low Demand for Hybrids Cars

José Pinomesa, President
Oregon Independent Auto Dealers Association

Gas prices are just under half of the all time high and hybrid vehicles are still not selling as fast as they use to.  The summer of 2008 was a time that I will never forget.  Hybrid vehicles brought the most money in history while consumers paid thousands over the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).  They panicked and in most circumstances they traded in their fuel slurping sport utility vehicle as fast as they could.  Anything with a six or eight cylinder engine was not worth much in trade due to the demand for four cylinder cars.  Many people financed these purchases and only found themselves upside down in a purchase they thought was a green choice.

Going green is a smart move but setting yourself up where you owe more than what your vehicle is worth does not make any sense either.  Looking at the whole picture is really important and this includes long term.  There are many fuel efficient vehicles that get 30 MPG plus that can be purchased for thousands less.  Studies have shown that most hybrids begin to pay off anytime from the seventh to eleventh year.

It is the middle of March and the number of hybrid cars for sale is greater than you might imagine.  The most available of any make or model is the Toyota Prius.  You also have hybrids such as Toyota Camry that are fewer in number but many Nissan Altima models that are beginning to stack up too.

The deals on these cars are extremely impressive and worth looking at if you are in the market.  Just like the stock market it is better to buy low.  This is the best time to buy a hybrid vehicle before the fuel prices sky rocket again.

This article was written by José Pinomesa who is the President of the Oregon Independent Automobile Dealers Association in Salem and the owner of José Mesa Auto Wholesale, LLC in Portland.

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