Increasing patient satisfaction: A key benefit of improving patient flow performance

From Stockkamp & Associates,

White Paper on Patient Satisfaction,

Lake Oswego


When hospitals set out to improve patient flow efficiency and performance, they typically seek outcomes such as lower patient length of stay, better use of existing resources and capacity, and the ability to serve more patients.   However, more and more hospitals are finding that significant increases in patient satisfaction are an added benefit that results from improving patient flow and bed management performance.  When a hospital establishes a solid foundation of effective patient flow processes and supporting tools, satisfaction with the overall care experience is enhanced. 

Given that consumers have more choice of where to receive services and are using data that are now widely available to inform their health care decision, it is imperative that hospitals address patient satisfaction issues.  Once a patient receives care, satisfaction plays a role in how likely he or she is to recommend a facility to others.


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