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Burgerville union workers ‘Abolish ICE’ pins stirs uproar

September 12, 2018

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation,

After 10 workers at a Burgerville restaurant in Portland pinned “Abolish Ice” and “No one is illegal” buttons on their clothing in August, the Pacific Northwest fast-food chain quickly put in writing a policy banning any personal or political messages on uniforms.   The issue made national news.

When the workers refused to remove the buttons advocating elimination of the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Office, company managers sent them home, according to a Sept. 9 national article in The Hill. The workers wore the buttons in silent protest of President Trump’s immigration policies and support for Democratic politicians campaigning for dissolution of ICE.  Even though the workers were sent home, they were later provided back-pay for time lost.

According to the Burgerville Union Facebook page the recent corporate policy change also included a new policy allowing workers to include their gender pronouns on their name tags.

Customers complained about the buttons, according to Liz Graham, Burgerville’s human resources director. She told The Oregonian that some employees also felt uncomfortable when the buttons drew unwanted attention to them.

The protest triggered Burgerville officials to put in writing its longstanding verbal policy against wearing personal and political buttons on their uniforms so the restaurants create a “universally welcoming and inclusive environment.”

The new rule takes effect Sept. 13.

Burgerville employees made history last spring when they formed the first fast-food workers’ union, the Burgerville Workers Union. Critics point out that it is interesting that one of the first acts of Burgerville’s new union members would have the effect of abolishing another union organization.

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E. H. September 13, 2018

Good move by Burgerville to put the policy in writing. Now I can patronize Burgervile. BTW, no one cares what gender an employee is. No need to make Burgerville a social science project.

Brenda September 25, 2018

“No one is illegal?” Idiots. What do they think the word means? If they want to practice “open borders” they should remove their front doors. When they wake up in the morning and I’m sleeping on their couch, and eating their food, maybe then they will realize why we have laws to protect our country. This country didn’t come to us for free. It was built on the blood and bones and hard work of (Some) of it’s people, and it would be foolish to give it away for free.

Ray Mongrain October 28, 2018

If I entered a Burgerville and saw political buttons would ask for manager and demand the removal of the offensive buttons. Then walk out.

Kc October 28, 2018

Anybody who would “demand removal of the offensive pin, and then leave”, well, you folks are part of the problem. Whether I agree with the pin or not is irrelevant. They have a right to express their views, just as you do. Just because you are offended does not mean you are right. And just because you are offended does not mean I have to care. “You” are offended. “You” can grow up and deal with it. If you want to take your business elsewhere, fine. I really don’t think the corporations are going to miss your piss-ant $10. Grow up, get a life, and stop looking for stupid things to be “offended” by.

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