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Oregon’s high-tech outlook

July 12, 2018 --

By Josh Lehner
Oregon Office of Economic Analaysis

This post circles back on the recent Headwinds and Tailwinds presentation I gave at the Northwest Economic Research Center’s forecast breakfast. It also ties directly into the previous post on Oregon’s industrial structure overall.

The biggest high-tech takeaway from an industrial structure point of view is that Oregon’s historical strengths are not expected to lead growth moving forward. Oregon’s high-tech legacy and our regional economy’s comparative advantage lies in hardware manufacturing, with semiconductors being the most prominent. This portion of the high-tech industry will continue to generate considerable economic output, both directly and indirectly given large-scale operations with supply chains, and the clustering of a skilled workforce. However, job gains over the next decade are unlikely to follow suit due to ongoing productivity increases. To the extent that a few of these firms do add jobs, there are others scaling back. As such, Oregon’s high-tech growth will be driven by the software side of the industry.

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Uber led employment model faces risks

July 10, 2018 --

By Cascade Employers Association,

Every business has, at some point, struggled with recruitment. The inability to find applicants means that sometimes you hire someone just to get a “warm body” in the seat, and hope they can complete the duties well enough to get by. In cases like these, staffing agencies may be utilized to help fill those roles that are harder to fill, or keep filled.

More recently, we are seeing a new kind of “staffing” service pop up, similar in style to how Uber conducts its business. Take for instance, Wonolo. You register your business with Wonolo, and they provide you with an “independent contractor” who will work for you in whatever job you need filled. They do an initial background check, but they do not claim them as employees and do not provide workers’ compensation, or benefits, or anything else the law would require from typical staffing agencies.

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Final rules for how you schedule employee time

July 9, 2018 --

By Benjamin P. O’Glasser
Bullard Law,
Portland based law firm

Oregon’s predictive scheduling law goes into effect on July 1, 2018. We previously wrote about Oregon’s predictive scheduling law in August 2017.

In advance of the law’s effective date, BOLI has issued final administrative rules that will govern its administration of the law. This bAlert supplements our earlier bAlert about Oregon’s law, detailing only the most notable clarifications from the rules.

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3 business impact rulings you likely missed

July 5, 2018 --

By Dr. Eric Fruits,
Oregon Economist,

This has been a big year for business in the courts. A U.S. district court approved the AT&T-Time Warner merger, the Supreme Court upheld Amex’s agreements with merchants, and a circuit court pushed back on the Federal Trade Commission’s vague and heavy handed policing of companies’ consumer data safeguards.

These three decisions mark a new era in the intersection of law and economics.

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Taxing corporate profits on per-country basis

July 4, 2018 --

Congressman Peter DeFazio,
Press Release,

Rep. Peter DeFazio introduced legislation to discourage multinational corporations from moving abroad by taxing corporate profits on a per-country basis.

“Republicans promised that their tax plan would bring jobs home to the U.S., but instead it is encouraging multi-billion dollar corporations to move jobs and ship profits overseas,” said Rep. DeFazio, (D-OR). “My legislation would close the loopholes Republicans left open for wealthy businesses and eliminate incentives luring American jobs and American dollars to other countries.”

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CA Consumer Privacy Act Ballot Measure on hold

July 3, 2018 --

By Maayan Lattin
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Oregon law firm

The Los Angeles Times has reported that the California Legislature and the activists behind the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 have reached a tentative deal for the withdrawal of the privacy measure primed for the November ballot. In exchange for the withdrawal of the Ballot Initiative, Democrats in the California Legislature have proposed a new consumer privacy bill. The deal is contingent on the swift passage of the legislation in both state houses and the signed approval by the Governor. California’s November Ballot must be set by June 28—so we should expect a resolution by then.

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Trade tensions affect Oregon businesses

July 2, 2018 --

By Oregon Prosperity Project

When economists from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis presented the Economic and Revenue Forecast in June 2018, they identified trade tensions as one of a handful of national and international political/economic factors – along with a tightening labor supply and rising interest rates – that could slow Oregon’s economic growth. Developments since that presentation about a month ago have increased reason for concerns.

Efforts to change trade agreements and impose tariffs on some foreign goods sold in the United States already are creating confusion and increasing costs for some U.S. businesses. And, as economists Mark McMullen and Josh Lehner noted in their presentation to the House and Senate Revenue committees, Oregon is particularly vulnerable to trade disruptions.

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