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White House unveils tax reform plan

September 29, 2017 --


White House and Congressional Leaders Reveal Sweeping Tax Reform Plan

National Federation of Independent Businesses

The administration’s proposal would cut taxes and repeal the death tax, marking a good starting point on reform.

The White House and Congressional leaders on Wednesday unveiled a new framework for tax reform, releasing a proposal that could ultimately become the first major rewrite of the tax code in 31 long years.

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Oregon outperforming in jobs, wages, and GDP

September 28, 2017 --

Oregon Metro GDP, 2016

By Josh Lehner

Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

Hot on the heels of metro level household income data, we now get the annual metro GDP figures as well. In stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, the metro GDP growth looks like one would expect. There is a good reason for that. More in a minute.

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Senate revisits paid family leave

September 27, 2017 --

By Mark Hester,
Oregon Business and Industry

The Senate Workforce Committee devoted more than two hours of its Legislative Days meeting to testimony on Paid Family Leave (PFL), which remains a priority for Democratic leadership. Though PFL legislation, as currently proposed, would require a tax and therefore a 60% supermajority in both chambers of the Legislature, proponents continue to look for a path to a bill.

Oregon Business & Industry (OBI) Vice President & Counsel Betsy Earls testified at the hearing, describing the type of legislation businesses could support. She emphasized these points:

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Nike joins anthem protest, Under Armor joins everyone

September 26, 2017 --

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation

NFL sponsor, Nike Inc., released a statement Monday in response to Trump’s Friday comments directed at the NFL. Nike took the lead among three NFL sponsors, including Ford and Hyundai, in issuing a definitive statement fully siding with players’ rights to protest:

“Nike supports athletes and their right to freedom of expression on issue that are of great importance to our society.” -Nike, Inc.

Nike’s statement appears to be in support of NFL players in Sunday’s games, many of whom took to one knee during the customary playing of the national anthem.

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State building permits on the rise

September 25, 2017 --

Building Permits in Oregon

by Felicia Bechtoldt

Oregon Workforce and Economic Information

Oregon’s population continues to grow, led by migration to the state. Housing availability for both buyers and renters has become a concern in many local areas.

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Tax reform starts with small business

September 22, 2017 --

NFIB Tells Senate Finance that Tax Reform Must Start with Small Business

By Jack Mozloom

National Federation of Independent Business

Small businesses need rate parity, lower taxes, simplified code, says National Federation of Independent Business

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) told the Senate Finance Committee today that no small business should pay a higher tax rate than large corporations and that every small business should pay less to the IRS under tax reform.

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PERS plan may cost business, consumers dearly

September 21, 2017 --

Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills U.S.

by Mark Hester
Oregon Business & Industry

The Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) Unfunded Actuarial Liability (UAL) Task Force described each of its first two meetings as “brainstorming,” but it’s already clear that most of the proposals discussed so far would create a storm of controversy.

Perhaps, that is unavoidable given the magnitude of the problem the task force is charged with studying – ways to reduce the $25 billion PERS unfunded liability. But there also should be concern that the long-term harm caused by many of the proposals would outweigh the short-term budget benefits. Making a small dent in the unfunded liability will not be enough to stop the long-term growth of PERS, which threatens to soon account for as much as 30% of payroll costs for some school districts.

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Metro incomes on the rise

September 20, 2017 --

Oregon Metro Incomes

by Josh Lehner

Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

As our office continues to upack the latest Census data, we will share some of the findings here, and in our quarterly forecast presentations and documents. Today, a quick look at household incomes across Oregon’s metropolitan areas. We will wait for the 5 year ACS, and SAIPE data later this fall before digging into rural trends.

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Doughnut shop theft story going viral

September 19, 2017 --

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation,

Social media has given small businesses a way to vent everyday frustrations. This was found especially true as nearly 3,000 people have liked a story about a Portland doughnut shop confronting thieves who stole a coffee mug. Here is a synopsis of the story they posted on Facebook.  Sitting outside Pip’s Original Doughnuts & Chai in Portland one early September day, owner Nate Snell watched a woman leave carrying one of their locally made coffee mugs and climb into a white Subaru wagon bearing a “Run” decal.

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Theft and drugs having affects on Retail business

September 18, 2017 --

Oregon retailers need help in drug, theft law reforms

By Oregon Prosperity Project

A panel of retail and law enforcement representatives discussed recent trends related to drug laws, sentencing reform and retail theft at the Council of State Retail Association’s (CSRA) Annual Meeting in Portland earlier this month.

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