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US Chamber on Obama trade trip

November 20, 2010 --

Trade With Asia Means Jobs For America
By U.S. Chamber of Commerce

On Election Day, the American people gave their representatives marching orders: Create jobs and grow the economy, and do it on a bipartisan basis. A good place to start is with the Korea-U.S. (KORUS) free trade agreement. President Obama has made completing the deal a top priority of his administration. After an election in which many candidates were attacked for supporting trade and foreign investment, it’s heartening to see the president say that expanding trade abroad is a recipe for creating American jobs at home. The midterm elections also ushered in more pro-trade members in Congress, making passage of KORUS easier.

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State GDP comparison: NW states sinking

November 19, 2010 --

Northwest Rank in GDP growth
1. Nevada – 6.4%
2. Idaho -3.1%
3. Oregon -2.4%
4. California – 2.2%
5. Washington -.07%

US Average = -2.1%

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State by state crackdown on alcohol energy drinks

November 18, 2010 --

By Kenneth Odza
Stoel Rives LLP,
Oregon law firm

Note: The following is authored by guest blogger Jake Storms, from the Alcoholic Beverages Law Blog.

Amidst rising incidences of hospitalizations in college and teenage drinkers linked to consumption of alcoholic energy drinks, the Washington State Liquor Control Board banned their sale effective tomorrow, November 18, 2010. The move came on the heels of a request by Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, whose office stated in a November 10 press release that they were “…particularly concerned that these drinks tend to target young people.”

The Liquor Control Board placed the ban in an emergency ruling which will last for 120 days. During that time, the Liquor Control Board will move to make the ban permanent.

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Portland’s ridiculous Leaf Tax

November 17, 2010 --

The folly of the Portland Leaf Fee
By Patrick Emerson
Oregon Economics Blog

In this recessed economy municipalities are struggling with diminished revenue in the same way states are. It is becoming harder and harder for them to provide the same services in this new economic reality. So many cities are looking for new ways to impose fees for services that were once funded with general revenues. Portland is no different.

And so the mayor saw the big wad of money spent on fall leaf removal as an opportunity to raise new revenue by imposing a leaf cleanup fee for the neighborhoods where the cleanup occurs. The problem with this tactic is twofold: charging specific fees for public goods is dumb public policy, and ironically, allowing households to opt-out actually makes it dumber.

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Ruling limits State’s power in punitive damages

November 16, 2010 --

Ruling limits State’s power in punitive damages
By Ater Wynne,
Oregon Law Firm,

Oregon Supreme Court limits State’s power to share in punitive damages verdict
The Oregon Supreme Court today curtailed Oregon’s “split recovery” law, in a case in which Ater Wynne successfully represented the plaintiff

Since 1987, Oregon has had a “split recovery” statute that requires part of any punitive damage award to be paid to the State’s crime victim compensation fund. Currently, ORS 31.735 provides that the State is a “judgment creditor” as to 60 percent of a punitive damages “verdict.” Oregon Supreme Court concluded that the State can’t prevent the plaintiff and defendant from entering into a settlement that reduces or eliminates the State’s share, if that settlement occurs after the verdict and before entry of a judgment.

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Are MBA degrees a waste of time, money?

November 15, 2010 --

MBA degrees blasted as waste of money by critics and impacts of recession
By Oregon Tax News,

– Did you know that of the 50 best-performing CEOs in the world only 14 had an MBA?

Josh Kaufman, a 28-year-old entrepreneur and former assistant brand manager for Procter & Gamble (P&G), thinks business school is a waste of time and money. Instead of paying $80,000 to $100,000 to attain an MBA, Kaufman suggests self-education. In an interview with Poets & Quants, Kaufman stated that MBA programs are so expensive that students “must effectively mortgage their lives” and take on “a crippling burden of debt” to get what is “mostly a worthless piece of paper.” Kaufman believes that MBA programs “teach many worthless, outdated, even outright damaging concepts and practices.”

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Adminstration may create internet privacy director

November 14, 2010 --

Adminstration may create internet privacy director

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Chart: US jobs falling behind Europe


Interesting chart showing how US total employment is performing worse when compared to Europe and other major industrial nations over the past three years.

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Top 25 best jobs in America list

November 13, 2010 --

CNN Money ranks the 100 best jobs for pay, growth and quality of life.  We feature the top 25 below, see the whole list here

Job Title, Forecast growth
1. Software Architect (34%)
2. Physician Assistant (39%)
3. Management Consultant (24%)
4. Physical Therapist (30%)
5. Environmental Engineer (31%)
6. Civil Engineer (24%)
7. Database Administrator (20%)
8. Sales Director (15%)
9. Certified Public Accountant (22%)
10. Biomedical Engineer (72%)

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NIKE opens largest store ever — 42,000 sq.ft.

November 12, 2010 --

LONDON, UK – NIKE, Inc. (NYSE:NKE) announced the official reopening of the company’s flagship Niketown store on Oxford Circus in central London, following extensive redevelopment that makes it the largest Nike store in the World.

Niketown London now covers approximately 42,000 square feet over four floors. Its reopening forms part of a series of planned new store openings across the UK designed to provide a premium experience across the company’s key sports categories: Football, Running, Basketball, Sportswear (lifestyle), Action Sports, Athletic Training and Women’s Training.

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