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Oregon’s Integra Telecom Named among Fastest-Growing Private Companies

August 27, 2008 --

Competitive Telecom Provider Records Three-Year Revenue Growth of 241.8%; Ranks No. 33 in Gross Dollars of Growth .  PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inc. ranked Integra Telecom No. 1,557 on its annual ranking of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the country and No. 33 in the category of gross dollars of growth. Between 2004 and 2007, Integra achieved revenue growth of 241.8%. The list is the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy – America’s independent-minded entrepreneurs.

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Home Sales & Inventory: No Good News

August 26, 2008 --

By Dr. Bill Conerly, Businomics, Conerly Consulting LLC,

The headline sounds like good news–“Home Sales Up”–but there is no joy in Mudville.  The “increase” was really a blip (in technical jargon).  In reality, sales are still low.

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Another threat to Oregon small business

August 25, 2008 --

By Larry Huss    Wednesday, August 20. 2008

Oregon’s small business sector is about to get smacked by another unexpected and unwelcome hit. Already Oregon’s state economist has determined that Oregon has slipped into another recession (two consecutive quarters of decline in the gross domestic product – GDP) while the rest of the nation appears to have narrowly escaped a similar fate. The housing collapse has resulted in the bankruptcy of several builders and the loss of countless well paying jobs. The financial catastrophe caused by the ill-advised low equity and subprime mortgage practices has caused credit tightening at the very time that small business may need additional credit to bridge the economic downturn. And collectively they have sent the stock market reeling.

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Weekly business-world news quiz 8/22

August 22, 2008 --

Test your knowledge on the key business and world news events.

1. Microsoft is turning to which celebrity to help promote its Window’s Vista?
A) Tom Hanks
B) Jerry Seinfeild
C) Jay Leno
D) Mike Phelps

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Oregon Pump Prices Decline for Seventh Consecutive Week

August 21, 2008 --

Automobile Association of America Release: “Gas prices continue to fall. Oregon’s average for regular unleaded has dropped 38 cents from the record high set of $4.29 set on July 3. The statewide average falls eight cents this week to $3.91, and the national average declines for the 33rd day in a row, dropping seven cents this week to $3.73.” AAA Oregon Public Affairs Director Marie Dodds says, “At this rate, AAA is predicting a national average of around $3.60 by Labor Day and it could fall to $3.50 by the middle of September.”

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Survey: Employers Have High Confidence They Can Control Health Care Costs With Proper Tools

August 20, 2008 --

– Nearly 75 percent have or want to have a wellness program with a health
risk assessment; fewer than 25 percent want taxpayer-funded universal

health care – United Benefit Advisors, LLC (UBA), one of the nation’s leading employee benefits advisory
organizations, today announced key findings from its 2008 UBA Employer
Opinion Survey, which delineates employers’ specific health care

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Recession? Different Method, Same Answer

August 19, 2008 --

By Dr. Bill Conerly, Businomics, Conerly Consulting LLC,

Ed Leamer of UCLA has a very interesting discussion that relates directly to my recent post asserting that we probably weren’t in a recession.  Here’s the abstract of his paper:

Monthly US data on payroll employment, civilian employment, industrial production and the unemployment rate are used to define a simple recession dating algorithm that nearly perfectly reproduces the NBER official peak and trough dates. The only substantial point of disagreement is with respect to the NBER November 1973 peak. The algorithm prefers September 1974. In addition, this algorithm indicates that the data through June 2008 do not yet exceed the recession thresholds, and will do so only if things get much worse.

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PC Club latest computer store to shut-down

August 18, 2008 --

By Guest Opinion,

A few weeks ago I bought a new computer from a PC Club store in Tigard and was surprised to find the stores suddenly closed.   The California based stores went under last week leaving many who had left their computers at the store for repairs in panic.

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Study: Business Students Not Less Ethical than Other Students

August 15, 2008 --

CORVALLIS, Ore. -A new study by Oregon State University researchers finds that business school students do not differ from other students in terms of personal moral philosophies – a finding that contradicts some widely held assumptions about business students and business education.  Donald Neubaum, Jack Drexler and Erik Larson of Oregon State University, along with co-authors Mark Pagell of York University and Frances McKee-Ryan of University of Nevada-Reno, surveyed 1,080 business and non-business students. The study will be published in a forthcoming edition of the Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal.

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State takes action against four mortgage brokers Cases

August 14, 2008 --

State takes enforcement action against four mortgage brokers Cases involve unethical behavior, falsified loan documents, training requirements

(Salem) — In its continuing effort to strengthen enforcement in the mortgage lending industry, the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services issued cease-and-desist orders and fines against four mortgage companies for violating Oregon’s mortgage lending laws. “Investigating complaints and taking enforcement actions when necessary are important ways we protect borrowers and prevent fraud in the mortgage market,” said David Tatman, administrator of the department Division of Finance and Corporate Securities.

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